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 * RPC binding API
 * Copyright 2001 Ove Kåven, TransGaming Technologies
 * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
 * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
 * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * Lesser General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
 * License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA


#include "rpcndr.h"
#include "security.h"
#include "wine/list.h"
#include "rpc_defs.h"

typedef struct _RpcAuthInfo
  LONG refs;

  ULONG AuthnLevel;
  ULONG AuthnSvc;
  CredHandle cred;
  TimeStamp exp;
  ULONG cbMaxToken;
  /* the auth identity pointer that the application passed us (freed by application) */
  /* our copy of NT auth identity structure, if the authentication service
   * takes an NT auth identity */
  LPWSTR server_principal_name;
} RpcAuthInfo;

typedef struct _RpcQualityOfService
    LONG refs;

} RpcQualityOfService;

struct connection_ops;

typedef struct _RpcConnection
  BOOL server;
  LPSTR NetworkAddr;
  LPSTR Endpoint;
  LPWSTR NetworkOptions;
  const struct connection_ops *ops;
  USHORT MaxTransmissionSize;

  /* authentication */
  CtxtHandle ctx;
  TimeStamp exp;
  ULONG attr;
  RpcAuthInfo *AuthInfo;
  ULONG auth_context_id;
  ULONG encryption_auth_len;
  ULONG signature_auth_len;
  RpcQualityOfService *QOS;

  /* client-only */
  struct list conn_pool_entry;
  ULONG assoc_group_id; /* association group returned during binding */
  RPC_ASYNC_STATE *async_state;
  struct _RpcAssoc *assoc; /* association this connection is part of */

  /* server-only */
  /* The active interface bound to server. */
  USHORT NextCallId;
  struct _RpcConnection* Next;
  struct _RpcBinding *server_binding;
} RpcConnection;

struct connection_ops {
  const char *name;
  unsigned char epm_protocols[2]; /* only floors 3 and 4. see http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9629399/apdxl.htm */
  RpcConnection *(*alloc)(void);
  RPC_STATUS (*open_connection_client)(RpcConnection *conn);
  RPC_STATUS (*handoff)(RpcConnection *old_conn, RpcConnection *new_conn);
  int (*read)(RpcConnection *conn, void *buffer, unsigned int len);
  int (*write)(RpcConnection *conn, const void *buffer, unsigned int len);
  int (*close)(RpcConnection *conn);
  void (*cancel_call)(RpcConnection *conn);
  int (*wait_for_incoming_data)(RpcConnection *conn);
  size_t (*get_top_of_tower)(unsigned char *tower_data, const char *networkaddr, const char *endpoint);
  RPC_STATUS (*parse_top_of_tower)(const unsigned char *tower_data, size_t tower_size, char **networkaddr, char **endpoint);
  RPC_STATUS (*receive_fragment)(RpcConnection *conn, RpcPktHdr **Header, void **Payload);

/* don't know what MS's structure looks like */
typedef struct _RpcBinding
  LONG refs;
  struct _RpcBinding* Next;
  BOOL server;
  UUID ObjectUuid;
  LPSTR Protseq;
  LPSTR NetworkAddr;
  LPSTR Endpoint;
  LPWSTR NetworkOptions;
  ULONG ServerTid;
  RpcConnection* FromConn;
  struct _RpcAssoc *Assoc;

  /* authentication */
  RpcAuthInfo *AuthInfo;
  RpcQualityOfService *QOS;
} RpcBinding;

LPSTR RPCRT4_strndupA(LPCSTR src, INT len);
LPWSTR RPCRT4_strndupW(LPCWSTR src, INT len);
void RPCRT4_strfree(LPSTR src);

#define RPCRT4_strdupA(x) RPCRT4_strndupA((x),-1)
#define RPCRT4_strdupW(x) RPCRT4_strndupW((x),-1)

ULONG RpcAuthInfo_AddRef(RpcAuthInfo *AuthInfo);
ULONG RpcAuthInfo_Release(RpcAuthInfo *AuthInfo);
BOOL RpcAuthInfo_IsEqual(const RpcAuthInfo *AuthInfo1, const RpcAuthInfo *AuthInfo2);
ULONG RpcQualityOfService_AddRef(RpcQualityOfService *qos);
ULONG RpcQualityOfService_Release(RpcQualityOfService *qos);
BOOL RpcQualityOfService_IsEqual(const RpcQualityOfService *qos1, const RpcQualityOfService *qos2);

RPC_STATUS RPCRT4_CreateConnection(RpcConnection** Connection, BOOL server, LPCSTR Protseq, LPCSTR NetworkAddr, LPCSTR Endpoint, LPCWSTR NetworkOptions, RpcAuthInfo* AuthInfo, RpcQualityOfService *QOS);
RPC_STATUS RPCRT4_DestroyConnection(RpcConnection* Connection);
RPC_STATUS RPCRT4_OpenClientConnection(RpcConnection* Connection);
RPC_STATUS RPCRT4_CloseConnection(RpcConnection* Connection);

RPC_STATUS RPCRT4_ResolveBinding(RpcBinding* Binding, LPCSTR Endpoint);
RPC_STATUS RPCRT4_SetBindingObject(RpcBinding* Binding, const UUID* ObjectUuid);
RPC_STATUS RPCRT4_MakeBinding(RpcBinding** Binding, RpcConnection* Connection);
void       RPCRT4_AddRefBinding(RpcBinding* Binding);
RPC_STATUS RPCRT4_ReleaseBinding(RpcBinding* Binding);
RPC_STATUS RPCRT4_OpenBinding(RpcBinding* Binding, RpcConnection** Connection,
                              const RPC_SYNTAX_IDENTIFIER *TransferSyntax, const RPC_SYNTAX_IDENTIFIER *InterfaceId);
RPC_STATUS RPCRT4_CloseBinding(RpcBinding* Binding, RpcConnection* Connection);

static inline const char *rpcrt4_conn_get_name(const RpcConnection *Connection)
  return Connection->ops->name;

static inline int rpcrt4_conn_read(RpcConnection *Connection,
                     void *buffer, unsigned int len)
  return Connection->ops->read(Connection, buffer, len);

static inline int rpcrt4_conn_write(RpcConnection *Connection,
                     const void *buffer, unsigned int len)
  return Connection->ops->write(Connection, buffer, len);

static inline int rpcrt4_conn_close(RpcConnection *Connection)
  return Connection->ops->close(Connection);

static inline void rpcrt4_conn_cancel_call(RpcConnection *Connection)

static inline RPC_STATUS rpcrt4_conn_handoff(RpcConnection *old_conn, RpcConnection *new_conn)
  return old_conn->ops->handoff(old_conn, new_conn);

/* floors 3 and up */
RPC_STATUS RpcTransport_GetTopOfTower(unsigned char *tower_data, size_t *tower_size, const char *protseq, const char *networkaddr, const char *endpoint);
RPC_STATUS RpcTransport_ParseTopOfTower(const unsigned char *tower_data, size_t tower_size, char **protseq, char **networkaddr, char **endpoint);

void RPCRT4_SetThreadCurrentConnection(RpcConnection *Connection);
void RPCRT4_SetThreadCurrentCallHandle(RpcBinding *Binding);
RpcBinding *RPCRT4_GetThreadCurrentCallHandle(void);
void RPCRT4_PushThreadContextHandle(NDR_SCONTEXT SContext);
void RPCRT4_RemoveThreadContextHandle(NDR_SCONTEXT SContext);
NDR_SCONTEXT RPCRT4_PopThreadContextHandle(void);


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