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 *    PostScript driver definitions
 *    Copyright 1998  Huw D M Davies
 * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
 * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
 * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * Lesser General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
 * License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA

#ifndef __WINE_PSDRV_H
#define __WINE_PSDRV_H

#include <stdarg.h>

#include "windef.h"
#include "winbase.h"
#include "wingdi.h"
#include "wine/wingdi16.h"
#include "winspool.h"

#include "wine/list.h"

typedef struct {
    INT               index;
    LPCSTR      sz;

typedef struct {
    LONG        UV;
    const GLYPHNAME *name;

typedef struct {
    float   llx, lly, urx, ury;

typedef struct _tagAFMLIGS {
    char          *successor;
    char          *ligature;
    struct _tagAFMLIGS  *next;

typedef struct {
    int                 C;          /* character */
    LONG                UV;
    float         WX;
    const GLYPHNAME     *N;         /* name */
    AFMBBOX       B;
    const AFMLIGS *L;         /* Ligatures */

typedef struct {
    INT                 C;                /* AFM encoding (or -1) */
    LONG                UV;               /* Unicode value */
    FLOAT               WX;               /* Advance width */
    const GLYPHNAME     *N;               /* Glyph name */

typedef struct {
    USHORT              usUnitsPerEm;           /* head:unitsPerEm */
    SHORT               sAscender;              /* hhea:Ascender */
    SHORT               sDescender;             /* hhea:Descender */
    SHORT               sLineGap;               /* hhea:LineGap */
    SHORT               sAvgCharWidth;          /* OS/2:xAvgCharWidth */
    SHORT               sTypoAscender;          /* OS/2:sTypoAscender */
    SHORT               sTypoDescender;         /* OS/2:sTypoDescender */
    SHORT               sTypoLineGap;           /* OS/2:sTypeLineGap */
    USHORT              usWinAscent;            /* OS/2:usWinAscent */
    USHORT              usWinDescent;           /* OS/2:usWinDescent */

typedef struct _tagAFM {
    LPCSTR        FontName;
    LPCSTR        FullName;
    LPCSTR        FamilyName;
    LPCSTR        EncodingScheme;
    LONG          Weight;                 /* FW_NORMAL etc. */
    float         ItalicAngle;
    BOOL          IsFixedPitch;
    float         UnderlinePosition;
    float         UnderlineThickness;
    AFMBBOX       FontBBox;
    float         Ascender;
    float         Descender;
    WINMETRICS          WinMetrics;
    int                 NumofMetrics;
    const AFMMETRICS    *Metrics;
} AFM;

/* Note no 'next' in AFM. Use AFMLISTENTRY as a container. This allow more than
   one list to exist without having to reallocate the entire AFM structure. We
   keep a global list of all afms (PSDRV_AFMFontList) plus a list of available
   fonts for each DC (dc->physDev->Fonts) */

typedef struct _tagAFMLISTENTRY {
    const AFM                 *afm;
    struct _tagAFMLISTENTRY   *next;

typedef struct _tagFONTFAMILY {
    char                *FamilyName; /* family name */
    AFMLISTENTRY        *afmlist;    /* list of afms for this family */
    struct _tagFONTFAMILY     *next;       /* next family */

extern const AFM    *const PSDRV_BuiltinAFMs[];     /* last element is NULL */

typedef struct _tagFONTNAME {
    char          *Name;
    struct _tagFONTNAME *next;

typedef struct {
    float   llx, lly, urx, ury;

typedef struct {
    float   x, y;

/* Solaris kludge */
typedef struct _tagPAGESIZE {
    struct list         entry;
    char          *Name;
    char          *FullName;
    char          *InvocationString;
    IMAGEABLEAREA *ImageableArea;
    PAPERDIMENSION      *PaperDimension;
    WORD          WinPage; /*eg DMPAPER_A4. Doesn't really belong here */

/* For BANDINFO Escape */
typedef struct _BANDINFOSTRUCT
    BOOL GraphicsFlag;
    BOOL TextFlag;
    RECT GraphicsRect;

typedef struct _tagOPTIONENTRY {
    char                *Name;            /* eg "True" */
    char                *FullName;  /* eg "Installed" */
    char                *InvocationString; /* Often NULL */
    struct _tagOPTIONENTRY    *next;

typedef struct _tagOPTION { /* Treat bool as a special case of pickone */
    char                *OptionName;      /* eg "*Option1" */
    char                *FullName;  /* eg "Envelope Feeder" */
    char                *DefaultOption; /* eg "False" */
    OPTIONENTRY               *Options;
    struct _tagOPTION         *next;

typedef struct _tagCONSTRAINT {
    char                *Feature1;
    char                *Value1;
    char                *Feature2;
    char                *Value2;
    struct _tagCONSTRAINT     *next;

typedef struct _tagINPUTSLOT {
    const char                *Name;
    const char                *FullName;
    char                *InvocationString;
    WORD                WinBin; /* eg DMBIN_LOWER */
    struct _tagINPUTSLOT      *next;

  {RO_None, RO_Accept68K, RO_Type42, RO_TrueImage} RASTERIZEROPTION;

typedef struct _tagDUPLEX {
    char                        *Name;
    char                        *FullName;
    char                        *InvocationString;
    WORD                        WinDuplex; /* eg DMDUP_SIMPLEX */
    struct _tagDUPLEX           *next;

/* Many Mac OS X based ppd files don't include a *ColorDevice line, so
   we use a tristate here rather than a boolean.  Code that
   cares is expected to treat these as if they were colour. */
typedef enum {

typedef struct {
    char          *NickName;
    int                 LanguageLevel;
    COLORDEVICE           ColorDevice;
    int                 DefaultResolution;
    signed int          LandscapeOrientation;
    char          *JCLBegin;
    char          *JCLToPSInterpreter;
    char          *JCLEnd;
    char          *DefaultFont;
    FONTNAME            *InstalledFonts; /* ptr to a list of FontNames */
    struct list         PageSizes;
    PAGESIZE            *DefaultPageSize;
    OPTION        *InstalledOptions;
    CONSTRAINT          *Constraints;
    INPUTSLOT           *InputSlots;
    DUPLEX              *Duplexes;
    DUPLEX              *DefaultDuplex;
} PPD;

typedef struct {
    DEVMODEA                  dmPublic;
    struct _tagdocprivate {
      int dummy;
    }                   dmDocPrivate;
    struct _tagdrvprivate {
      UINT  numInstalledOptions; /* Options at end of struct */
    }                   dmDrvPrivate;

/* Now comes:

numInstalledOptions of OPTIONs



typedef struct _tagPI {
    char              *FriendlyName;
    PPD                     *ppd;
    PSDRV_DEVMODEA          *Devmode;
    FONTFAMILY              *Fonts;
    DWORD             FontSubTableSize;
    struct _tagPI     *next;

typedef struct {
    float         r, g, b;

typedef struct {
    float         i;

/* def's for PSCOLOR.type */
#define PSCOLOR_GRAY    0
#define PSCOLOR_RGB     1

typedef struct {
    int                 type;
    union {
        PSRGB  rgb;
        PSGRAY gray;
    }                   value;

typedef struct {
    const AFM           *afm;
    float               scale;
    TEXTMETRICW         tm;

typedef struct tagTYPE42 TYPE42;

typedef struct tagTYPE1 TYPE1;

enum downloadtype {
  Type1, Type42

typedef struct _tagDOWNLOAD {
  enum downloadtype type;
  union {
    TYPE1  *Type1;
    TYPE42 *Type42;
  } typeinfo;
  char *ps_name;
  struct _tagDOWNLOAD *next;

enum fontloc {
  Builtin, Download

typedef struct {
    enum fontloc        fontloc;
    union {
        BUILTIN  Builtin;
        DOWNLOAD *Download;
    }                   fontinfo;

    int                 size;
    PSCOLOR             color;
    BOOL                set;        /* Have we done a setfont yet */

  /* These are needed by PSDRV_ExtTextOut */
    int                 escapement;
    int                 underlineThickness;
    int                 underlinePosition;
    int                 strikeoutThickness;
    int                 strikeoutPosition;


typedef struct {
    PSCOLOR       color;
    BOOL          set;

typedef struct {
    INT                 style;
    INT                 width;
    BYTE                join;
    BYTE                endcap;
    const char*         dash;
    PSCOLOR       color;
    BOOL          set;

typedef struct {
    HANDLE16            hJob;
    LPSTR         output;           /* Output file/port */
    LPSTR               DocName;        /* Document Name */
    BOOL          banding;        /* Have we received a NEXTBAND */
    BOOL          OutOfPage;      /* Page header not sent yet */
    INT                 PageNo;
    BOOL                quiet;          /* Don't actually output anything */
    BOOL                in_passthrough; /* In PASSTHROUGH mode */
    BOOL                had_passthrough_rect; /* See the comment in PSDRV_Rectangle */
} JOB;

typedef struct {
    HDC                 hdc;
    PSFONT        font;       /* Current PS font */
    DOWNLOAD            *downloaded_fonts;
    PSPEN         pen;
    PSBRUSH       brush;
    PSCOLOR       bkColor;
    PSCOLOR       inkColor;   /* Last colour set */
    JOB                 job;
    PSDRV_DEVMODEA      *Devmode;
    PRINTERINFO         *pi;
    SIZE                PageSize;      /* Physical page size in device units */
    RECT                ImageableArea; /* Imageable area in device units */
                                       /* NB both PageSize and ImageableArea
                                are not rotated in landscape mode,
                                so PageSize.cx is generally
                                < PageSize.cy */
    int                 horzRes;       /* device caps */
    int                 vertRes;
    int                 horzSize;
    int                 vertSize;
    int                 logPixelsX;
    int                 logPixelsY;

    int                 pathdepth;

typedef struct {
    PSDRV_DEVMODEA *dlgdm;

 *  Every glyph name in the Adobe Glyph List and the 35 core PostScript fonts

extern const INT    PSDRV_AGLGlyphNamesSize;
extern GLYPHNAME    PSDRV_AGLGlyphNames[];

 *  The AGL encoding vector

extern const INT            PSDRV_AGLbyNameSize;    /* sorted by name -     */
extern const UNICODEGLYPH   PSDRV_AGLbyName[];      /*  duplicates omitted  */

extern const INT            PSDRV_AGLbyUVSize;      /* sorted by UV -       */
extern const UNICODEGLYPH   PSDRV_AGLbyUV[];        /*  duplicates included */

extern HINSTANCE PSDRV_hInstance;
extern HANDLE PSDRV_Heap;
extern char *PSDRV_ANSIVector[256];

extern void PSDRV_MergeDevmodes(PSDRV_DEVMODEA *dm1, PSDRV_DEVMODEA *dm2,
                   PRINTERINFO *pi);
extern BOOL PSDRV_GetFontMetrics(void);
extern PPD *PSDRV_ParsePPD(char *fname);
extern PRINTERINFO *PSDRV_FindPrinterInfo(LPCSTR name);
extern const AFM *PSDRV_FindAFMinList(FONTFAMILY *head, LPCSTR name);
extern BOOL PSDRV_AddAFMtoList(FONTFAMILY **head, const AFM *afm,
      BOOL *p_added);
extern void PSDRV_FreeAFMList( FONTFAMILY *head );

extern INT PSDRV_XWStoDS( PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, INT width );
extern INT PSDRV_YWStoDS( PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, INT height );

extern BOOL PSDRV_SetFont( PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev );
extern BOOL PSDRV_SetPen( PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev );

extern void PSDRV_SetClip(PSDRV_PDEVICE* phyDev);
extern void PSDRV_ResetClip(PSDRV_PDEVICE* phyDev);

extern BOOL PSDRV_CopyColor(PSCOLOR *col1, PSCOLOR *col2);
extern void PSDRV_CreateColor( PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, PSCOLOR *pscolor,
                 COLORREF wincolor );
extern char PSDRV_UnicodeToANSI(int u);

extern INT PSDRV_WriteHeader( PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, LPCSTR title );
extern INT PSDRV_WriteFooter( PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev );
extern INT PSDRV_WriteNewPage( PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev );
extern INT PSDRV_WriteEndPage( PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev );
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteMoveTo(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, INT x, INT y);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteLineTo(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, INT x, INT y);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteStroke(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteRectangle(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, INT x, INT y, INT width,
                  INT height);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteRRectangle(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, INT x, INT y, INT width,
                  INT height);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteSetFont(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, const char *name, INT size,
                               INT escapement);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteGlyphShow(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, LPCSTR g_name);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteSetPen(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteArc(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, INT x, INT y, INT w, INT h,
                       double ang1, double ang2);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteSetColor(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, PSCOLOR *color);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteSetBrush(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteFill(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteEOFill(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteGSave(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteGRestore(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteNewPath(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteClosePath(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteClip(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteRectClip(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, INT x, INT y, INT w, INT h);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteRectClip2(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, CHAR *pszArrayName);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteEOClip(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteHatch(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteRotate(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, float ang);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteIndexColorSpaceBegin(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, int size);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteIndexColorSpaceEnd(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteRGB(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, COLORREF *map, int number);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteImage(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, WORD depth, INT xDst, INT yDst,
                       INT widthDst, INT heightDst, INT widthSrc,
                       INT heightSrc, BOOL mask);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteBytes(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, const BYTE *bytes, DWORD number);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteData(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, const BYTE *byte, DWORD number);
extern DWORD PSDRV_WriteSpool(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, LPCSTR lpData, DWORD cch);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WritePatternDict(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, BITMAP *bm, BYTE *bits);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteDIBPatternDict(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, BITMAPINFO *bmi, UINT usage);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteArrayPut(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, CHAR *pszArrayName, INT nIndex, LONG lCoord);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteArrayDef(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, CHAR *pszArrayName, INT nSize);

extern INT CDECL PSDRV_StartPage( PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev );

INT PSDRV_GlyphListInit(void);
const GLYPHNAME *PSDRV_GlyphName(LPCSTR szName);
VOID PSDRV_IndexGlyphList(void);
BOOL PSDRV_GetTrueTypeMetrics(void);
BOOL PSDRV_GetType1Metrics(void);
const AFMMETRICS *PSDRV_UVMetrics(LONG UV, const AFM *afm);
SHORT PSDRV_CalcAvgCharWidth(const AFM *afm);

extern BOOL PSDRV_SelectBuiltinFont(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, HFONT hfont,
                            LOGFONTW *plf, LPSTR FaceName);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteSetBuiltinFont(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteBuiltinGlyphShow(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, LPCWSTR str, INT count);

extern BOOL PSDRV_SelectDownloadFont(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteSetDownloadFont(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev);
extern BOOL PSDRV_WriteDownloadGlyphShow(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, WORD *glpyhs,
                               UINT count);
extern BOOL PSDRV_EmptyDownloadList(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, BOOL write_undef);

#define MAX_G_NAME 31 /* max length of PS glyph name */
extern void get_glyph_name(HDC hdc, WORD index, char *name);

extern TYPE1 *T1_download_header(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, char *ps_name,
                                 RECT *bbox, UINT emsize);
extern BOOL T1_download_glyph(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, DOWNLOAD *pdl,
                        DWORD index, char *glyph_name);
extern void T1_free(TYPE1 *t1);

extern TYPE42 *T42_download_header(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, char *ps_name,
                                   RECT *bbox, UINT emsize);
extern BOOL T42_download_glyph(PSDRV_PDEVICE *physDev, DOWNLOAD *pdl,
                         DWORD index, char *glyph_name);
extern void T42_free(TYPE42 *t42);

extern DWORD RLE_encode(BYTE *in_buf, DWORD len, BYTE *out_buf);
extern DWORD ASCII85_encode(BYTE *in_buf, DWORD len, BYTE *out_buf);

#define push_lc_numeric(x) do {                             \
      const char *tmplocale = setlocale(LC_NUMERIC,NULL);   \

#define pop_lc_numeric()                              \
      setlocale(LC_NUMERIC,tmplocale);                \
} while (0)


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