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 * Copyright (C) 1991-1998 by LCS/Telegraphics
 * Copyright (C) 2002 Patrik Stridvall
 * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
 * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
 * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * Lesser General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
 * License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA

#ifndef __WINE_WINTABX_H
#define __WINE_WINTABX_H

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#endif /* defined(__cplusplus) */

 * Wintab message crackers

#ifndef HANDLE_MSG
# define HANDLE_MSG(hwnd, message, fn) \
    case (message): return HANDLE_##message((hwnd), (wParam), (lParam), (fn))

/* void Cls_OnWintabPacket(HWND hwnd, HCTX hCtx, UINT sn) */
#define HANDLE_WT_PACKET(hwnd, wParam, lParam, fn) \
    ((fn)((hwnd), (HCTX)(lParam), (UINT)(wParam)), 0L)
#define FORWARD__WT_PACKET(hwnd, bs, hCtx, sn, fn) \
    (void)(fn)((hwnd), _WT_PACKET(bs), (WPARAM)(UINT)(sn), (LPARAM)(HCTX)(hCtx))
#define FORWARD_WT_PACKET(hwnd, hCtx, sn, fn) \
    FORWARD__WT_PACKET(hwnd, WT_DEFBASE, hCtx, sn, fn)

/* void Cls_OnWintabCtxOpen(HWND hwnd, HCTX hCtx, UINT sf) */
#define HANDLE_WT_CTXOPEN(hwnd, wParam, lParam, fn) \
    ((fn)((hwnd), (HCTX)(wParam), (UINT)(lParam)), 0L)
#define FORWARD__WT_CTXOPEN(hwnd, bs, hCtx, sf, fn) \
    (void)(fn)((hwnd), _WT_CTXOPEN(bs), (WPARAM)(HCTX)(hCtx), (LPARAM)(UINT)(sf))
#define FORWARD_WT_CTXOPEN(hwnd, hCtx, sf, fn) \
    FORWARD__WT_CTXOPEN(hwnd, WT_DEFBASE, hCtx, sf, fn)

/* void Cls_OnWintabCtxClose(HWND hwnd, HCTX hCtx, UINT sf) */
#define HANDLE_WT_CTXCLOSE(hwnd, wParam, lParam, fn) \
    ((fn)((hwnd), (HCTX)(wParam), (UINT)(lParam)), 0L)
#define FORWARD__WT_CTXCLOSE(hwnd, bs, hCtx, sf, fn) \
    (void)(fn)((hwnd), _WT_CTXCLOSE(bs), (WPARAM)(HCTX)(hCtx), (LPARAM)(UINT)(sf))
#define FORWARD_WT_CTXCLOSE(hwnd, hCtx, sf, fn) \
    FORWARD__WT_CTXCLOSE(hwnd, WT_DEFBASE, hCtx, sf, fn)

/* void Cls_OnWintabCtxUpdate(HWND hwnd, HCTX hCtx, UINT sf) */
#define HANDLE_WT_CTXUPDATE(hwnd, wParam, lParam, fn) \
    ((fn)((hwnd), (HCTX)(wParam), (UINT)(lParam)), 0L)
#define FORWARD__WT_CTXUPDATE(hwnd, bs, hCtx, sf, fn) \
    (void)(fn)((hwnd), _WT_CTXUPDATE(bs), (WPARAM)(HCTX)(hCtx), (LPARAM)(UINT)(sf))
#define FORWARD_WT_CTXUPDATE(hwnd, hCtx, sf, fn) \
    FORWARD__WT_CTXUPDATE(hwnd, WT_DEFBASE, hCtx, sf, fn)

/* void Cls_OnWintabCtxOverlap(HWND hwnd, HCTX hCtx, UINT sf) */
#define HANDLE_WT_CTXOVERLAP(hwnd, wParam, lParam, fn) \
    ((fn)((hwnd), (HCTX)(wParam), (UINT)(lParam)), 0L)
#define FORWARD__WT_CTXOVERLAP(hwnd, bs, hCtx, sf, fn) \
    (void)(fn)((hwnd), _WT_CTXOVERLAP(bs), (WPARAM)(HCTX)(hCtx), (LPARAM)(UINT)(sf))
#define FORWARD_WT_CTXOVERLAP(hwnd, hCtx, sf, fn) \
    FORWARD__WT_CTXOVERLAP(hwnd, WT_DEFBASE, hCtx, sf, fn)

/* void Cls_OnWintabProximity(HWND hwnd, HCTX hCtx, BOOL cp, BOOL hp) */
#define HANDLE_WT_PROXIMITY(hwnd, wParam, lParam, fn) \
    ((fn)((hwnd), (HCTX)(wParam), (BOOL)LOWORD(lParam),  (BOOL)HIWORD(lParam)), 0L)
#define FORWARD__WT_PROXIMITY(hwnd, bs, hCtx, cp, hp, fn) \
    (void)(fn)((hwnd), _WT_PROXIMITY(bs), (WPARAM)(HCTX)(hCtx), MAKELPARAM((cp), (hp))
#define FORWARD_WT_PROXIMITY(hwnd, hCtx, sf, fn) \
    FORWARD__WT_PROXIMITY(hwnd, WT_DEFBASE, hCtx, cp, hp, fn)

/* void Cls_OnWintabInfoChange(HWND hwnd, HMGR hMgr, UINT c, UINT i) */
#define HANDLE_WT_INFOCHANGE(hwnd, wParam, lParam, fn) \
    ((fn)((hwnd), (HMGR)(wParam), (UINT)LOWORD(lParam),  (UINT)HIWORD(lParam)), 0L)
#define FORWARD__WT_INFOCHANGE(hwnd, bs, hMgr, cp, hp, fn) \
    (void)(fn)((hwnd), _WT_INFOCHANGE(bs), (WPARAM)(HMGR)(hMgr), MAKELPARAM((c), (i))
#define FORWARD_WT_INFOCHANGE(hwnd, hMgr, sf, fn) \
    FORWARD__WT_INFOCHANGE(hwnd, WT_DEFBASE, hMgr, cp, hp, fn)

 * Alternate porting layer macros

#define GET_WT_PACKET_HCTX(wp, lp)    ((HCTX)lp)
#define GET_WT_PACKET_SERIAL(wp, lp)  (wp)
#define GET_WT_PACKET_MPS(h, s)       (s), (LPARAM)(h)

#define GET_WT_CTXOPEN_HCTX(wp, lp)    ((HCTX)wp)
#define GET_WT_CTXOPEN_STATUS(wp, lp)  ((UINT)lp)
#define GET_WT_CTXOPEN_MPS(h, s)       (WPARAM)(h), (LPARAM)(s)

#define GET_WT_CTXCLOSE_HCTX(wp, lp)    ((HCTX)wp)
#define GET_WT_CTXCLOSE_STATUS(wp, lp)  ((UINT)lp)
#define GET_WT_CTXCLOSE_MPS(h, s)       (WPARAM)(h), (LPARAM)(s)

#define GET_WT_CTXUPDATE_HCTX(wp, lp)    ((HCTX)wp)
#define GET_WT_CTXUPDATE_STATUS(wp, lp)  ((UINT)lp)
#define GET_WT_CTXUPDATE_MPS(h, s)       (WPARAM)(h), (LPARAM)(s)

#define GET_WT_CTXOVERLAP_HCTX(wp, lp)    ((HCTX)wp)
#define GET_WT_CTXOVERLAP_STATUS(wp, lp)  ((UINT)lp)
#define GET_WT_CTXOVERLAP_MPS(h, s)       (WPARAM)(h), (LPARAM)(s)

#define GET_WT_PROXIMITY_HCTX(wp, lp)      ((HCTX)wp)
#define GET_WT_PROXIMITY_MPS(h, fc, fh)    (WPARAM)(h), MAKELONG(fc, fh)

#define GET_WT_INFOCHANGE_HMGR(wp, lp)      ((HMGR)wp)
#define GET_WT_INFOCHANGE_INDEX(wp, lp)     HIWORD(lp)
#define GET_WT_INFOCHANGE_MPS(h, c, i)      (WPARAM)(h), MAKELONG(c, i)

#ifdef __cplusplus
} /* extern "C" */
#endif /* defined(__cplusplus) */

#endif /* defined(__WINE_WINTABX_H */

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